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Transliberation Links

Please feel encouraged to email me more URLs, check out my still-being-built Gender Issues Page , or go to the homepage of this site.





  • Trans Life : Italian Trans e-mail list conducted in Italian for trans people seeking contact with other trans people. To subscribe send your introduction, including how you identify to Sending e-mail to this e-dress will disseminate your introduction and subscribe you at the same time.


  • Centro de identidad de genro
  • Escrita en el Cuerpo: Archivo y Biblioteca de Lesbianas, Mujeres Bisexuales y Diferentes; Guardia Vieja 4329, 7mo H, 1192, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Tel. (54 11) 4863 91 90 Fax (54 11) 4382 90 95; Email: (Information packet available for FTMs written in Spanish.)