The Military Strategy of Women and Children

"Now, in this exploration, we are moving onto the ground of meta-politics. Wild, vast and more primal than the little, fenced-in suburban plots of what amerikkka calls “politics”. From the rape bordellos of the Balkans to the mass murder by AIDS in Afrika, women are being pushed to understand men’s society and, most importantly, ourselves, in a different way. The longest Amazon journey begins today."
 -from the Introduction

Back in the 1980s Bottomfish Blues was an underground feminist newspaper that pulled together key insights integrating the realities of genocide, violence against women and revolutionary resistance. While several articles from Bottomfish Blues have been reproduced in the book The Coming of Black Genocide, some of the most ambitious articles, a series entitled "The Role of Women and Children in Armed Struggle", have remained unavailable until now.

I am very pleased to be able to say that these articles, written by revolutionary Amazon theorist Butch Lee (author of Night-Vision: Illuminating War and Class on the Neo-Colonial Terrain and Jailbreak out of History: the re-biography of Harriet Tubman), have finally been republished in book form, under the title The Military Strategy of Women and Children (Beguine Press & Kersplebedeb Publishing, May 2003).

To read the Introduction to this book, click here.

The Military Strategy of Women and Children includes a postscript written in the spring of 2003, "There's Fighting in Iraq but the Real Women'sWar is in Afrika", which you can read on this site by clicking here.

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