Kersplebedeb is an internet-based mailorder company, and a publisher of radical books & pamphlets, and manufacturer of radical agit prop matarials. Its also a pretty sprawling site, with pages on key political fronts ranging from Palestine to Transgender Liberation, from Iraq to political prisoners' struggles in the United States.

At one point it was easy for me to explain what i thought about things - i just pointed to the stuff i sold from my Literature Rack. However, now that the literature section of my site has ballooned to over 100 titles - many of which published by other people, many of which i have only skimmed - this is no longer true.

So to answer the question as to where i am coming from, i thought it might be useful for me to jot down a few thoughts on some of the key questions that i see confronting us all. Most movement play-by-plays of what the world is like and how we got here ring false with me, but i have been lucky enough to find many authors and comrades whose works and ideas have opened my eyes to a number of things, and have helped make the world a slightly less bewildering place.

The following are some scraped together observations which may help explain how i see the world, and what’s going on with the politics on this site, along with some suggested further reading on each point. This is a work in progress, so if you have any comments on what you see here - books or articles to recommend, points you think i'm overlooking, disagreements with what i'm putting forth, etc. - please email me at and let me know!

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