October 13th Update

by Wendy Maxwell/Nzinga
October 13th, '05

Greetings to all my friends in the T. Dot. and around the world!

 I must first appologize for my lack of contact, and also to all of you  who have done the snail mail and I haven't respond. I have been  caught-up busy in the task of survival among other things. With this  email i touch basis with you and let you know that I have a new email  address, I'm still using warrior_queen_nzinga@yahoo.ca, but I've heard  wonders about gmail so here you go warrior.queen.nzinga@gmail.com.

 Last I told you all was that my H&C was rejected and had as a last  choice a migrant workers program, (funny but that is how I got in the  country in the first place) in this case the skilled workers program.  After some thought, I have decided to be a bit patiente and work on  accumulating enough points for this application, I don't want to be  rejected once more this time on the basis of a half made application.  So, that is what I'm doing.

 I'm trying my best to stay within my inner circle, still doing my art,  my blood paintings, and my poetry, working on building an urban arts  envirenment, cause there isn't a specific scene for this. connecting  with people that are doing positive things in the community and  searching for an NGO to volunteer with.

 My children are great, if anything I'm greatfull about my situation  and all that happened to me, is that I have earned the respect of my  parents, sisters and children, who now look at me as a fighter, I've  earned a position of respect in my family, even comming out to my  family, it was some what dramatic, but not as much as I though it  would be, thanks to all the things that they heard other said about me  on the internet, on the news, and after seing what I have gone  through. Until then they only suspected many things, but never had a  clue that I was bearing this cross in silence. One more thing is that  this also took a big weight off my shoulders when the world knew what  had been done to me and I felt that through all that I was never  alone.

 Ase my ancestors for puting all this wonderfull people in my way.

 Please, everyone keep in touch, I have to find an internet cafe to  access internet but I'm trying to hook-up a deal with the neighbor to  share internet at home, I should be more reliable on the internet  after that.

 Also, I recieved an email from CKLN informing me about the report from Ryerson Security on my arrest. I here attach the info they sent me.

Love you all
Keep blessed

Queen Nzinga

Tiko Ba Si Igi Le Hin Ogba Ma Nwo
(If the fence does not have props it will collapse)
Yoruba proverb

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