Final decision and latest developments...

by Wendy Maxwell/Nzinga
May 30th, '05

Hello all, Queen Nzinga here,

I want to extend my warmest and earnest greeting to all and I mean all the people that in one way or another have been involved in my struggle. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My children and I thank you.

I received a call recently from my legal counsel; he informes me that my application for Landed Immigrant Status in Canada under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds was denied. The reasons given where all frustratingly absurd, whatever evidence they are using to base the desitions upon are easily refutable but they are not giving any weight to the evidence my legal team presented. This has been the case with my Refugee Claim, with the Pre Removal Risk Assessment, with the Federal court appeals, and so on. This leads me to believe that the decisions made at Canada Immigration level are anything but humanitarian. They are based on politics and economics.

In the year of 2003 Costa Rica rated 3rd of all refugee claims to Canada, less than 5% of these claims were accepted. In 2004 Canada isued a 0% acceptance policy towards Costa Rica (never heard of with any other country). In may or so of the same year Canada established a visa requirement for Costa Ricans.

If the citizens of Costa Rica are as well off as the UN and US State Department and other international agencies report then why are these numbers so high, being that C.R. is a nation of only 4million people.

Well, being back here I can tell you that it's all about money. Foreign investment/bribery is what runs the country and the foreign assets here are too many. If the problems of the country where exposed, the economy will collapse and there will go all the foreign assets in this country.

Public institutions involved in money laundering; police, clergy and governmental corruption at all levels, archbishops hire hitmen to do their dirty work, presidents take bribe from foreign investers to bend the law, police protects drug traffikers and mercenaries, child porn and prostitution rings, you name it, we have it all. But as it usually happens, there will never be an admission of the problems until it turns to benefit someone's pocket.

In the mean time, people here will continue finding ways of migrating out of here, whomever can will leave, they have been already, my old friends most of them are gone, the members of the gang La Legion del Mal some have been killed by the Colombian Cartel and some are in Jail doing 8 to 10 years, Have seen 3 of them that are out in isolated occasions but with no incidence just a litle scare for me.

I don't know if I'm safe or not but I must trust my beloved Ancestors and God that I am.

The next step for me is appealing the latest decision and if failed, try migrating to Canada or the US once again as a Skilled Worker, if this dosen't work I will try Europe. But time is against me cause I'm not very young, my kids are growing up and I need to make decision about their futures. They have been the No.1 thing on my mind always and I need to get them out of here, I will not allow them to be a target to the police as I was, I will not let the same things that happened to me, to happen to them.

There are many things that I still need to get done, I know that I count on your help. Believe me it was easy doing fundraising and getting businesses to donate to charities in the past, but now that it is for my self it is not easy to ask, but I need your help. I need to find a way to send for my things in Canada since I was only allowed to bring to suitcases with me on the plane. Also, the Wendy Maxwell Support Commitie still needs your help, carrying-out campaigns, legal fees, the applications to immigration, etc, are all very costly and donations are urgently needed.

Donations can be maid out to the York Women Centre with a note explaing it's for the Wendy Maxwell Fund and they should be mailed to...

Wendy Maxwell Support Committee
c/o the York Women's Centre
York University
4700 Keele St
Student Centre Room 322
Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3

I also welcome any email or snail mail as it gives me strenght and encouragement to keep going, I only request that you give me some time to reply, my address is,

Wendy Maxwell Edwards
P.O. Box 13976-1000
San José, Costa Rica
Central America


please keep tune to for the latest updates on my case.

thanks again,
  Queen Nzinga

Tiko Ba Si Igi Le Hin Ogba Ma Nwo
(If the fence does not have props it will collapse)
Yoruba proverb

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