Colorado Loyalty Oath...

The following email was forwarded - it provides ample evidence of how what is going down i colorado is about asserting right-wing control of the universities

TO: Boulder Campus Teaching Faculty, Deans, Directors, Dept Chairs, System Administration

FROM: Chancellor Phil DiStefano

SENDER: Jima Wendzel

DATE: February 21, 2005

SUBJECT: Oath Requirement

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to let you know that the University has begun an administrative review of the records for tenured and tenure-track faculty, senior instructors and instructors, to determine whether signed copies of a loyalty oath are maintained for these employees, as required by Colorado law.  Under this law, all university teaching faculty must sign an oath to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and Colorado.

Recent requests for information have indicated that copies of the oath for some of our teaching faculty may not be readily available.  In order to assure full compliance with the law across all campuses, each CU chancellor has instituted a general administrative review of records for teaching faculty.  If signed copies cannot be found, teaching faculty will be asked to sign a new oath, as required by law.

Thank you for your cooperation on this important matter.

Chancellor Phil DiStefano


 "I solemnly (swear) (affirm) that I will uphold the Constitution of the United States and Constitution of the State of Colorado, and I will faithfully perform the duties of the position upon which I am about to enter."

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