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News from the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition:

Break the Chains

Break the Chains
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For more on the 2011 California Prisoners Hungerstrike, Click Here

For an Archive of Hungerstrike News, Click Here


There are hundreds of people held in prison for their political activities in the United States and other "democratic" countries. Some of them acted on behalf of their beliefs, knowing full well that they were defying the enemy's laws, and are paying the price. Others acted on their beliefs, knowing full well that although technically permitted, their dissent would make them targets of State repression, and they too are paying the price.

Right-thinking people want these folks out of prison not so much because of any concern that the State be "fair" or "consistent" in its rulings, but rather because we approve of and wish to encourage resistance against this undeniably evil system.

Reformist stooges beware!

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September 11th, the War on Terror and Prisoners' Rights

Following  the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11th many prisoners reacted by locking down their facilities, and many outspoken prisoners suddenly found themselves in the hole. What follows are a few articles on this situation that can be found on the Kersplebedeb site, as well as reflections by various prisoners on the September 11th crisis:

Prisoners & 911

Kersplebedeb distributes a somewhat dated 78 page pamphlet about the September 11th pamphlet, S11 Truth and Consequences . For more information click here.

Torture at Abu Ghraib

Torture is a plague that spreads. Just as Abu Ghraib was not the first site of u.s. torture crimes against humanity, nor has it been the last - but at each step along the way the monster learns new tricks, that he seems obscenely eager to test on new subjects. For information about ongoing torture within united states prisons:

Prison Writings

Below are a list of links to writings by political prisoners, prisoners of war and politicized social prisoners. This is stuff that the State does not want you to hear - so listen up!

Hauling Up the Morning/Izando la Manana - writings & art by political prisoners and prisoners of war in the United States. Edited by political prisoners Ray Luc Levasseur and Tim Blunk, with an introduction by Black Liberation Army fugitive Assata Shakur, this book contains paintings, poetry, essays and prose by dozens of imprisoned revolutionaries in the United States. while the book itself is not available online, you can see the table of contents on my site or order a remaindered copy from Leftwingbooks.net.

Ray Luc Levasseur was a political prisoner who did twenty years behind bars for having actively resisted U.S. crimes at home and around the world. Letters from Exile is a site devoted to his writings, maintained by the December 16th Committee. A pamphlet of his writings - Trial Statements of Ray Luc Levasseur - is available from Kersplebedeb while supplies last.

Also about Ray Luc Levasseur, read the article "Sanford's Son" which appeared in the Portland Phoenix shortly after his release from prison in 2004.

The Prison Industrial Complex and the Global Economy by Eve Goldberg and political prisoner Linda Evans, exposes the role incarceration is playing in the world of big business today. This text also available in pamphlet form from Kersplebedeb.

AIDS Conspiracy? Track the Real Genocide by David Gilbert (also available in pamphlet form from the Leftwingbooks.net)

Also, check out this listing of political prisoners and POWs held in the United States.

And from Sketchy Thoughts:
Political Prisoners

Prison-Industrial Complex

Profiles of Political Prisoners & Prisoners of War

The Kersplebedeb Site also includes profiles of a few political prisoners and prisoners of war, as well as former PP/POWs, including those who have passed away.
At the moment there are profiles of:

Buck, Gilbert and Whitehorn have all been interviewed in the booklet Enemies of the State available from Kersplebedeb. For more information click here .

Thanks to the now-defunct Montreal chapter of the Anarchist Black Cross Federation i also have PDFs of various ABCF leaflets available for download, in both English and French:

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