The Struggle in Iraq

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Curious about what this is all about?
For an idea of the politics behind the politics on this site, take a gander at my political perspectives .

Freedom for Iraq!


Get the Fuck Out Of Iraq


Saddam Hussein & His Ba'athist Regime

Torture Made in USA

Torture at Abu Ghraib & Elsewhere

See also: "The Prisoner Abuse Scandal at Home" , by Michelle Goldberg in Salon - "The stories sound familiar: Muslim prisoners beaten and sexually humiliated by American guards. But it happened in Brooklyn, not Baghdad."

SNC Lavalin       Halliburton

War Profiteers

Students in Baghdad read a notice asking women to observe stricter dress codes. The signs have been posted by conservatives emboldened by the new political void.

Women in Iraq

Limited Quantities Available - Weapons of Mass Deception

Weapons of Mass Deception
Weapons of Mass Deception, by Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber. Media criticism showing, in an accessible way, how lies, distortions and untruths were all packaged as truth and used to justify the invasion of Iraq.
Softcover, 248 pages, Remaindered
Retail Price: $11.95
Kersplebedeb Price: $5.00


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