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Kersplebedeb is a one-person project devoted to producing and distributing radical books and pamphlets and agit prop materials.

Started in 1998, Kersplebedeb is now also a sprawling website with special pages devoted to a variety of themes, ranging from Hurricane Katrina to the Struggle in Iraq. I have beeing involved in publishing a half-dozen books and several dozen pamphlets, i have designed and sell several dozen different t-shirts and over 400 buttons (pins/badges) with themes ranging from feminism to queeer liberation to communism/anarchism to animal rights.

For a more indepth look at where i am coming from politically, i suggest you check out my Political Perspectives page.

Political Prisoners / Prisoners of War
Queer Revolt
Radical Books
Radical Spaces
September 11th
Women's Liberation
Zapatistas and Revolution in Mexico

If you would like to order something, i suggest you go to either my Literature, Music , Buttons or T-Shirts page. You can order buttons and t-shirts directly using paypal, but for everything else you will have to email me your order at

Please note that wholesale discounts are available on everything, but you must contact me via email to work out arrangements; again: