Kersplebedeb Buttons!

I currently have well over five hundred different buttons designs, over four hundred of which have been scanned and uploaded to this website for your viewing pleasure.

It can take a 56k modem up to twenty minutes to load up my complete button collection, now available in either plain-jane fornm or with a PayPal shopping cart system for all of my buttons, for those of you who like to shop online. I still recommend these pages to those of you who would like to really see everything I have available, but for the rest of you I have created a number of theme-oriented mini-galleries which load quite a bit faster.

So for the adventurous, check out my Complete Button Collection with shopping cart (or alternately the vanilla version without) .

For those on a low-graphics diet I recommend browsing through my individual button list pages - they are 99% text but do include the option of viewing previews of any button at any time. However, they have no shopping cart, so you would need to  email me to place your order!


Theme-Oriented Mini-Galleries
against the right
animal liberation
funny stuff
left-wing resistance
prison issues
s11 fallout/anti-war
"we love the police!"

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