Feminist Buttons from Kersplebedeb (PayPal)  

Version 0.0 (!)

To order any button, just point and click - $2 shipping anywhere in the world - $1 for orders of $10 or more!

You must have a PayPal account to order these buttons - one will be opened for you when you check out.

Please note that sometimes the colour on some buttons can vary, as can availability of some designs. If you order a button and i do not have it in stock i will get back to you and refund your order if you like.

Scroll down, or pick your size category here:

  1. one inch round buttons
  2. square buttons
  3. rectangular buttons
  4. one and three quarter inch round buttons

One Inch Buttons

One and one quarter inch Buttons

Square Buttons

Rectangular Buttons

One and Three-Quarter Inch Buttons

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