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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

As we near two weeks from the death of Zyad and Bounna, mainstream media seems to be suggesting that the violence in France is on the decrease. Time will tell if this is just wishful thinking – i remember they said the same thing almost two weeks ago!

At the same time, amongst politicians everyone has an angle on this, and everyone hopes to profit. What is clear is that the government counter-attack has started – it is unclear how or when it will end. Despite promises of money and jobs and support for immigrant youth, what stands out is how – above and beyond the repressive State of Emergency – the right-wing is seizing this opportunity to try and push through a number of anti-immigrant measures.

Unless otherwise noted, the following information is all from the Nouvel Observateur. This is the latest from France:

Yesterday (November 8th 2005)

Fascism and Racism on the Rise:

Arrests Made:

The State of Emergency:

Prime Minister De Villepin states that he “understands how Moslems in France feel” following the “misunderstanding” around the tear gas fire at the Clichy-sous-Bois mosque.
There is a “definite decrease” in the level of violence in Seine-Saint-Denis Monday/Tuesday night, but rioting continued throughout much of France: schools were set on fire, as were cars. The heaviest confrontations took place in the suburbs of Toulouse, Lyon and Saint-Etienne.

And So Far Today (November 9th 2005)

The Curfews:


Fascism & Racism on the Rise:

Violence Abating?

This originally came from my blog - Sketchy Thoughts - and is one of a number of pieces i wrote or translated regarding the riots that rocked France in October and November 2005. To see the a complete list of such posts, i suggest you check out the 2005 Riots In France page on the Kersplebedeb site.

The document can also be viewed on my blog (where you can leave comments) here.

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